Unveil the Essence of Time: Uncover the art, mechanics, and history of timepieces through our personally tailored workshop, surround yourself with other like-minded enthusiasts in the craftsmanship of luxury horology, guided by our certified in-house experts.

The Watchmaking Fundamentals workshop provides a thorough foundation for those who want to work in the watch industry, for those who are interested in horology but want to learn more about it, and for enthusiasts who want to learn how to maintain and repair watches. Through a series of classroom instruction and hands-on practice, participants will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to start their journey in the fascinating field of horology.

Course Description
The watchmaking course is designed to provide comprehensive training on the fundamentals of the art and science of watchmaking. Learners will learn the intricate skills required to assemble, repair, and maintain watches with precision and expertise. The course covers topics such as movement mechanics, case and bracelet repair, and the use of specialised tools.

Course Objectives & Learning Points
  1. Understand the fundamentals of watchmaking, including the history of timepieces and key terminology
  2. Gain proficiency in the disassembly, cleaning, and reassembling of watch movements
  3. Acquire the skills of diagnosing and addressing the common issues in watches, such as water damage or broken/worn-out components
  4. Become adept in the use of specialised watchmaking tools and equipment
  5. Examine, appreciate and apply the critical quality control standards in watchmaking and the importance of accuracy in timekeeping

Entry Requirements
  1. Able to speak and understand English well to engage in course activities
  2. Basic understanding of mechanical systems and a keen interest in precision work
  3. Good hand-eye coordination and attention to detail
  4. Prior experience in a related field, such as jewellery making or engineering, is beneficial but not required

Join our transformative workshop, tailored to your schedule and conducted with a minimum of four participants. Experience a personalised learning journey where we will collaborate to find the best possible time for your participation, ensuring that you maximise your learning experience.


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