Purpose: Appraisal endeavours to unravel intrinsic worth, while authentication seeks to unveil the essence of authenticity.
Process: Appraisal intricately weaves through the fabric of market intricacies, whereas authentication meticulously pores over the tangible and intangible markers of legitimacy.
Outcome: Appraisal bequeaths a comprehensive understanding of value within the market landscape, while authentication bestows an authoritative endorsement of authenticity, enriching the narrative of the examined item's provenance.


At Bonfield, experience the tranquillity that grants serenity

Bonfield's professional watch appraisal services are meticulous and comprehensive processes conducted by seasoned experts, aimed at precisely determining the value of your esteemed timepieces. Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, we meticulously evaluate a spectrum of factors, ranging from the watch condition, material, and visual allure to market dynamics, rarity, historical significance, and provenance.

At Bonfield, we consider it our paramount duty to deliver assessments of unparalleled depth and precision, catering to diverse needs such as litigation, insurance, market transactions, and estate needs.

Our appraisal protocol, rigorously crafted and executed, is engineered to uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Our seasoned professionals:

  • conduct an exhaustive examination of the watch, delving into every facet including condition, materials, accessories, rarity, and provenance
  • employ cutting-edge technology, as each timepiece is scrutinised under a 10x microscope that enables clear verification of characteristic features and authenticity
  • confirm the watch case material, the model designation, the case number, the calibre or movement numbers and the trademarks of the watch
  • record and verify all pertinent serial numbers to ensure an unassailable foundation of accuracy and integrity
  • use advanced digital photography techniques, to capture intricate and any unique details for a comprehensive visual dossier
  • reassemble the timepiece, conducted in strict adherence to manufacturer-recommended protocols to safeguard its intrinsic integrity and value; and
  • present our findings and conclusions in a detailed watch appraisal report, serving as an authoritative testament to the valuation process

It is paramount to underscore that while our esteemed appraisers do not undertake authentication, our reliance on discernible characteristics and meticulously curated documentation instils utmost confidence in the accuracy and credibility of our assessments.

Bonfield's assurance of excellence in standards and services is founded on absolute integrity and unparalleled expertise.


At Bonfield, we pride ourselves on the meticulousness of our watch authentication processes, led by seasoned experts who ensure the utmost legitimacy of your timepiece. Our approach is defined by a rigorous examination that encompasses scrutinising serial numbers, comparing them with authenticated examples, and meticulously assessing materials and craftsmanship. Moreover, we delve into the watch's history to ascertain its genuine origin and ensure it has not been reported stolen.

Employing state-of-the-art technology, such as 10x microscope, we scrutinise and verify the calibre or movement numbers before we establish authenticity of the specific timepiece with unparalleled precision. Every pertinent serial number is carefully recorded and verified, reinforcing the accuracy and integrity of our assessments. The culmination of our efforts is a detailed authentication report, serving as an authoritative testament to the legitimacy of your watch.

It is imperative to note that while our esteemed authentication service does not extend to appraisal, our reliance on discernible characteristics and meticulously curated documentation results in the unwavering confidence of our clients and industry partners in the accuracy and credibility of our assessments. At Bonfield, you can rest assured that your timepiece is in the hands of trusted professionals dedicated to excellence in authentication.

Our commitment to excellence permeates every facet of our authentication processes, guaranteeing the absolute integrity and legitimacy of your timepiece authentication experience.